Life Sciences

science_blueBuilding research laboratories and other life sciences facilities requires a high level of technical expertise in specialized construction methods and equipment.

Plano-Coudon, a company of engineers, relishes those technical challenges and has developed deep expertise in the life sciences construction field.

At University of Maryland College Park (UMCP), we built a certified Level 3 Biosafety Laboratory. The project involved installing an HVAC system with bag in/bag out HEPA filtration, welded-seam stainless steel ductwork with bubbletight dampers and laboratory equipment that included biosafety cabinets and a sterilizer with bioseal.

Also at UMCP, we built a 4,000-square-foot, ground-up addition to the Low Vibration Laboratory that included two radio-frequency-shielded enclosures with 13-foot concrete pits to house large, experimental magnets.

We have built new research laboratories and forensics teaching facilities inside occupied buildings, minimizing impact on other occupants while completing extensive construction and infrastructure upgrades of mechanical, plumbing and electrical systems. We have installed autoclaves, cold rooms, a rodent vivarium, clean rooms, procedure rooms and an array of highly sensitive equipment.

We have even removed the roof and parts of three floors of the University of Maryland School of Medicine in order to crane a 15-ton magnet into the school’s MRI Facility. We also finished the job on a very tight schedule in order to meet National Institutes of Health grant requirements.

At Plano-Coudon, we pride ourselves in mastering technically challenging construction projects and delivering products that meet the exacting and critical needs of life sciences clients.

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