industrial_blueProjects which involve erecting massive structures with no interior columns or installing state-of-the-art industrial systems that constitute a client’s lifeblood, demand special expertise and a commitment to quality, safety and performance.

At Plano-Coudon, we have skillfully, efficiently and smoothly completed a variety of industrial projects.

We constructed a pre-engineered, steel-frame building for the Maryland Port Administration. Measuring 215,000 square feet with 42-foot-high ceilings, the structure included no interior columns.

In Baltimore, we created a facility for Amports Car Wash, outfitted with leading-edge technology that cleans more cars per hour than any other facility on the East Coast.

We transformed a 65,000-square-foot warehouse into a cruise ship terminal and converted another 60,000-square-foot warehouse into a produce-processing facility, complete with refrigeration and waste water treatment systems.

Our planning expertise, attention to detail and broad network of subcontractors ensures that our industrial projects progress quickly and safely. Our process provides Plano-Coudon clients with top-quality facilities.

Contact us with your industrial vision. Our expert, robust team will make it a reality.