Building a culture of safety requires commitment from the top and daily diligence on the job.

At Plano-Coudon, we take worksite safety extremely seriously and we’ve put processes in place to translate that concern into a safe reality.

Owner and Founder Ryan Coudon personally serves as the company’s Safety Director and oversees a range of daily practices and long-term efforts to ensure high safety levels at all Plano-Coudon sites.

Each worker arriving at a project site for the first time receives a core, safety orientation before they ever pick up a tool. Plano-Coudon superintendents conduct regular visual inspections to ensure safe working conditions. When needed, we place full-time safety professionals onsite. Plano-Coudon also contracts a third-party consultant to perform bi-weekly, mock Maryland Occupational Safety and Health (MOSH) inspections of all its job sites. Any safety issues identified by the consultant are precisely documented and immediately corrected.

Plano-Coudon’s Safety Committee meets monthly, bringing together representatives of all disciplines within the company to assess the impact of existing safety practices and identify opportunities for improvements. The committee also conducts an annual review of safety issues at job sites and creates initiatives to handle the top issues.

In 2012, for example, use of damaged extension cords on job sites was a top safety issue. Committed to both a safe and collaborative work environment, Plano-Coudon purchased a supply of extension cords and distributed them to our superintendents. Now, whenever a super finds an employee or subcontractor using a damaged cord, he can immediately hand the person a new cord.

As a result of our efforts, Plano-Coudon staff have achieved a near-perfect safety record for the past four years and safety violations among subcontractors onsite are extremely rare.