“Renovations-in-place are never easy, I suspect. They don’t call them RIPs for nothing! But your management team and your stable of skilled and responsive subcontractors definitely minimized our pain of living in the midst of it all.

“Best of all, we have a new, bright, colorful, and architecturally interesting place to call home. The workmanship and attention to detail is evident throughout the space, especially in some of the tricky elements like the movable wall system and the interior glazing.

“Throughout the process, you kept us informed, and I felt you were communicative, responsive and utterly fair in all of our negotiations and adjustments.”

~ Robert Anderson
Nemetschek Vectorworks, Inc.


“I want to thank you for serving our congregation’s needs so very well. Plano-Coudon’s skills and professionalism were evident from beginning to end and the results were amazing. Just yesterday, a long-time member stood in the chapel for the first time and cried at how beautiful it looks. The congregation considers our chapel renovations a great success, and much of that is due to the teamwork of Plano-Coudon.”

~ Pastor John A. Mohan
St. Michael Lutheran Church


“The construction team was confronted with a unique challenge – how to transform an historic landmark into a modern-day workspace without robbing the building of its original integrity. Over time, Shoemaker Building had been subjected to a series of ‘band aid’ approaches in an effort to make it functional…

“In retrospect, several aspects of this renovation seemed daunting in scope, such as entire window replacements including one Palladian window, and the lowering of the basement floor to improve the ceiling height… The construction team’s flawless execution of this most recent renovation of Shoemaker reflects superb craftsmanship.

“It was also reassuring to observe the level of camaraderie with which Andy, Darryl and Paul carried out their work. No question on my part was too minor, and explanations as to where things were and what we might expect were fully addressed. Paul’s availability on-site to respond to our requests as we settled into our new spaces has been especially appreciated.”

~ Vivian Boyd
University of Maryland


“Plano-Coudon recently completed the phased, $7-million renovation of Chapman Building for the Greater Baltimore Medical Center which was on a very aggressive schedule. Even with this schedule, the project was completed within budget… We have worked with Brett Plano and Ryan Coudon and trust them to properly staff their projects and deal ethically with the owners at all times. We believe that Plano-Coudon is one of the best construction management firms currently working in the Baltimore area and we are looking forward to working with them on future projects.”

~ Jonathan Ryan
Johnson, Mirmiran & Thompson


“Plano-Coudon’s performance on [the Maryvale Erinn McCarthy Humanities Building] project was exemplary with the following highlights:

    • Despite unexpected weather conditions, including a hurricane, Plano-Coudon completed the project for our occupancy in January 2012 as originally scheduled.
    • They scheduled the work to accommodate the school’s schedule and needs. And, in cases where unexpected needs occurred, they were very flexible and would re-sequence the work to accommodate Maryvale.
    • The quality of the finished product often exceeded the school’s expectations and that of the project architect.

~ Terry Cook
University of Maryland Baltimore County