Company History

As two engineering students at Virginia Tech, Brett Plano and Ryan Coudon dreamt about ideas to create their own company.

In 1999, after a successful experience working for a large general contracting firm, they put those entrepreneurial instincts into action. While managing multi-million-dollar construction projects in the region, Brett and Ryan had recognized a need in the market for sophisticated yet flexible contractors to complete smaller jobs. They created Plano-Coudon to bring the mindset of engineers, the sophistication of large contractors and the passion of true building enthusiasts to mid-range construction projects.

The company’s initial setup was modest – just two desks, two computers and one pet dog in the basement of Brett’s Federal Hill home. The initial contracts were modest too. Always energetic and enthusiastic, Brett and Ryan applied sophisticated construction practices and their commitment to customer satisfaction to various projects ranging from sidewalk repairs to office renovations. Gradually, Plano-Coudon developed an admirable reputation and a diverse book of business.

The next several years included many milestones for Plano-Coudon – the first contract to build a Walgreens pharmacy, the winning bid to renovate the upper floors of the Women’s Industrial Exchange, the patient quest to land their first renovation job with the Archdiocese of Baltimore and the negotiation of an ongoing and expansive partnership with the University of Maryland.

Since 1999, Plano-Coudon has built experience and expertise across numerous market segments. The company’s successful completion of a large and diverse list of education projects has made Plano-Coudon the contractor of choice for educational facilities from pre-schools to grad schools. Plano-Coudon has also developed deep expertise in healthcare, life sciences, mission critical, industrial, commercial, residential and religious/nonprofit projects. In 2010, Plano-Coudon created the Small Projects & Service Division to provide dedicated and expert service to smaller projects in all market segments.

Throughout its history, Plano-Coudon has tackled every job with big-company sophistication, small-company flexibility, an engineer’s mindset and an enthusiastic commitment to customer satisfaction. At Plano-Coudon, we live by the motto: your vision is our mission. And we relish turning those visions into reality.