We believe in hiring smart, skilled people — from industry veterans to new college graduates — who are game to tackle challenges, eager to learn, and motivated to advance their careers. In our open-door, team-based, positive environment, we help employees build skills in their daily work and through professional development programs.

  • We are not micro managers.
  • Professionals use their expertise and judgment to determine the best way to produce great results on any given job.
  • We expect high-quality work and top-notch customer service from all of our employees.
  • At Plano-Coudon, we provide competitive salaries and comprehensive benefits to employees.
  • We involve employees in an ownership culture.
  • We provide broad information about the company’s strategic plan, near-term goals, performance, challenges and opportunities. We give employees opportunities to drive company growth and opportunities to grow their careers inside the company.
  • At Plano-Coudon, we have a lot of fun.



Marketing Manager – Posted February 8, 2018

Project Manager – Posted March 13, 2017

Superintendent – Posted March 13, 2017

SPD Project Manager  (Montgomery/Prince George’s county) – Posted March 13, 2017

SPD Carpenter Foreman – Posted March 13, 2017

SPD Carpenter – Posted April 4, 2017

Director of Preconstruction – Posted October 17, 2017