Steve Houff Named President of Plano-Coudon Construction

Steve Houff Named President of Plano-Coudon Construction

May 17, 2022 – Plano-Coudon is pleased to announce Steve Houff’s promotion to President. Steve joined Plano-Coudon as a Vice President and quickly brought tremendous value to the organization, earned trust, and showed a humble approach to learning about our company, culture, and way of doing business.

As President, Steve will manage the company day to day and drive Plano Coudon’s strategic plans for growth in both the Baltimore and DC metro regions. His focus will be on winning profitable work, executing projects with excellence, building strong relationships with clients and other partners, and investing in the development of our team. Steve has over 30 years of experience in commercial construction and previously served as the president of a large construction company. He brings a deep sense of integrity to his work and is committed to building on Plano-Coudon’s almost 25 years of being a builder of choice in the region.

Brett Plano and Ryan Coudon, our founders, are deeply invested in the company’s success and will remain active owners. Their focus will turn to strategic business development in support of the company’s goals for smart and steady growth.

With Steve at the helm, a strong backlog, deep expertise in our target markets, and an outstanding team, Plano-Coudon’s next 25 years are looking very bright.

Check out Steve’s feature in the Baltimore Business Journal’s People on the Move!


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