Plano-Coudon Receives GBC Mayor’s Business Recognition Award

Plano-Coudon Receives GBC Mayor’s Business Recognition Award

Plano-Coudon is honored to announce we have been chosen as a winner of the Greater Baltimore Committee’s 46th Annual Mayor’s Business Recognition Awards!

“The Mayor’s Business Award highlights companies and organizations whose leaders are not focused strictly on the ‘bottom line’ but those that acknowledge that contributing to the community and providing service outside their business’ core mission is vital to the success, health and morale of the city and to the people who live in Baltimore,” said Donald Fry, Greater Baltimore Committee President and CEO, in his opening statement in last Friday’s virtual ceremony.

Getting involved in the community is just “part of our culture,” said CEO, Brett Plano, in the virtual awards ceremony. “We take significant pride in being involved in the community and being part of the fabric of what helps make this community better. We seek out team members that have like-minded views on being a good community partner and want that involvement in the community- we attract that type of employee… We have a program in our company- it’s a community service action plan program where we match dollars and give each team member a certain amount of time off to donate to a 501C3 of their choice. So many team members are taking advantage of that and want to place their time, talents and treasure in a positive way to make Baltimore better.”

From volunteering monthly at several in-person events, to shifting to developing new and creative ways we can get involved as much as possible amid the pandemic, Plano-Coudon is proud to continue supporting and serving the community.



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