Plano-Coudon Names Mike Kovacs Director of Preconstruction

Plano-Coudon Names Mike Kovacs Director of Preconstruction

After a months-long, wide-ranging candidate search, Plano-Coudon is pleased to announce that we have hired our first Director of Preconstruction Services. Mike Kovacs – a 15-year employee of Plano-Coudon – has stepped into this new leadership role.

“We are excited because Mike brings a wealth of skills to this position,” Brett Plano said.

A graduate of Penn State with a degree in Structural Design and Construction Engineering, Kovacs worked for The Whiting-Turner Contracting Co. before joining Plano-Coudon. As a long-time project manager and project executive, Kovacs has abundant operational experience.

“That’s an attractive quality in a pre-construction director,” Plano said. “Mike is well versed in how jobs get built and he will be able to apply that operational expertise to front-end operations, like business development, marketing, preconstruction and estimating.”

In addition, Kovacs has proven to be a “process improvement guy” and has spearheaded the adoption of new technologies at Plano-Coudon, such as ProCore. That quality will prove valuable as the growing preconstruction division establishes more formalized operations and best-in-class processes, Plano said. “Mike is also a strategic thinker and a proven, engaging leader who is well respected in the company.”

One of Plano-Coudon’s first employees, Kovacs said, “I have always been excited to help Plano-Coudon grow. Now, I’m especially excited to start from scratch and develop something new in the preconstruction division.”

Describing the decision to create a Director of Preconstruction Services position as a huge step in the growth of the company, Kovacs said he is looking forward to advancing the company’s marketing and business development operations, furthering its growth in newer market niches such as private sector developments, and fueling Plano-Coudon’s overall growth in order to create career opportunities for other employees.

“We did wide-reaching recruiting efforts for this position, interviewed internal and external candidates, and we are excited to have chosen such a great person to lead our preconstruction work,” Plano said.


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