Ownie Awards Showcase P-C Core Values

Ownie Awards Showcase P-C Core Values

March 19, 2021 – In 2015, the Ownie Award was born. The Ownie Awards are presented quarterly to Plano-Coudon employees who demonstrate and promote our core values (PC FAITH) and make decisions or actions with the care of an Owner of the company. Our core values are noted below:

P – Positivity, C – Community, F – Fire in the Belly, A – Accountability, I – Integrity, T – Teamwork, H – Health

On an employee’s first day at Plano-Coudon, a strong emphasis is placed on each individual team member to demonstrate our core values every day. PC FAITH plays a significant part in the company’s culture and is what motivates employees each day.

When founders, Brett Plano and Ryan Coudon, were refining the company’s core values in 2015, they wanted to create tangibility to build employee engagement and recognition. Paul Riecks, a business coach, was working with Brett and Ryan and spoke strongly about the book “Act Like An Owner,” which brought the idea of the Ownie Award to light.

“Our intent was to empower employees to make decisions as if they were an owner of the company. We wanted people to take the bull by the horns and take a shot,” said Plano. “As long as they are acting as an owner and within our core values, we want them to know we have their backs.”

The idea was that if everyone understands how the company works, it will create a much more powerful company.

“If everyone can feel like they’re making a difference, their own decisions will add value to this company,” said Coudon. “We wanted it to be less about Brett and I and more about the company being a well-oiled machine and for everyone to understand how to make it go.”

Six years later, the Ownie Award continues strong. Each quarter, employees nominate peers they believe are deserving of recognition.

Plano explained “the employee recognition award is integral to the success of our company because it has a ripple effect. Receiving the award allows people to know that positive actions are respected and truly make a difference.”


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