Brett Plano, Owner & Founder – Brett’s enthusiasm and love for the construction business injects excitement into every project Plano-Coudon tackles.
Ryan Coudon, Owner & Founder – Ryan’s determination and drive for perfection sets the standard for excellence on every project and every activity that Plano-Coudon begins.
Clifford Milstead, Project Executive – A Plano-Coudon employee since 2000 and its first project manager, Cliff has relished the variety of projects he has managed over the years.
Adam Bell, Project Executive – A Professional Engineer and LEED Accredited Professional, Adam relishes projects that present especially big technical challenges.
Jared Geary, Division Manager, Small Projects and Service Division – The head of our Small Projects & Service Division, Jared excels at producing top-quality results on a wide variety of projects while keeping costs in check.
Janet Delaney, Chief Financial Officer – An accomplished financial professional within the construction and development industries, Janet joined Plano-Coudon in 2016 to help optimize company operations and hone its growth strategy.