Plano-Coudon hands out Ownie Awards

Each quarter, Plano-Coudon recognizes a few employees for exemplifying the company’s ownership culture. At our Quarterly Update meeting in May, Plano-Coudon presented Ownie Awards to Project Manager Andrew Hooker and Carpenter Foreman Charlie Nagale.

Andrew Hooker

Charles Nagale

Coworkers described Hooker as a positive, knowledgeable, honorable and funny person who is always willing to help out, even when he is juggling multiple projects. “He will help with a computer question, a project-related question. He will help unload a truck, build a temporary wall, sweep a floor or get into a mud hole to clean out a drain so the job site is not a muddy mess.”

Coworkers recalled how Nagale’s skills became evident during his work on the Cardinal Shehan School. “A library renovation resulted in a relationship of trust with the school principal. As a result, Cardinal Shehan has looked to Plano-Coudon to help with small renovations each year, but with one requirement that ‘Mr. Charlie’ is involved.” 

Congratulations again to Andrew and Charlie!