PC FAITH: A simple solution to a business challenge

Think of it as the power of simplicity.

For years, Plano-Coudon had described its company culture and values through thoughtful, extensive language developed through company-wide consultations.

“The concepts were good,” said Brett Plano, Founder. “But like typical engineers, we wanted to put everything in everything. The mission tied to the vision and both incorporated the core values and each value had a statement explaining it. It was too detailed – so detailed that it wasn’t memorable.”

So during their most recent strategic planning meetings, Plano-Coudon leaders discussed options to simplify those core statements of company culture.

At the fourth quarter company update meeting in February, Founders Ryan Coudon and Plano unveiled PC FAITH – the condensed expression of the company’s core values of Positivity, Community, Fire in the belly, Accountability, Integrity, Teamwork and Health.

Spending time identifying, distilling and clearly expressing core values delivers tangible benefits to a company, Plano said. Those values guide day-to-day decision making, prove vital to making particularly tough decisions and help individuals “do the right thing even when no one is looking.”

They ensure that clients, project partners and subcontractors consistently have the same kinds of interactions with Plano-Coudon staff and consistently see work completed in the same manner and to the same standards.

Simplifying the expression of company values helped company leaders better understand and reinforce certain values.

In PC FAITH, for example, company leaders selected the word Health to show that Plano-Coudon is committed to more than job safety. It is also committed to the overall wellness of employees, work-life balance and being a caring organization.

Clearly identified values has also helped Plano-Coudon with recruitment.

“We consciously look for people who demonstrate a cultural fit, who demonstrate our core values before they ever get here,” Plano said. “We have gotten much better in the past five to six years at hiring with those values in mind. Ultimately, we are a better company for it.”