Plano-Coudon names Janet Delaney as its first CFO

Fulfilling a key step in its strategic growth plan, Plano-Coudon Construction has expanded its leadership team to include a chief financial officer and hired Janet Delaney, CPA to serve as the company’s first CFO.

“To have a veteran like Janet on our side of the table is huge,” said Brett Plano, Co-Founder. “We feel fortunate that she has come on board. She brings a tremendous level of experience and expertise to our staff.”

Delaney formerly served as Vice President of Development Accounting and Financial Systems at Corporate janet-delaney-1Office Properties Trust, CFO for Charleston Homes, Assistant Controller for The Rouse Company, and Controller of Coakley & Williams, Inc. She also recently served as Chief Technology Officer for Realterm.

“Adding a CFO to our team is something we have discussed with our strategic advisors for the past couple of years,” said Ryan Coudon, Co-Founder. “Our company has now become big enough and complex enough that we need a forward-looking strategic partner in our finance department. We are excited to have someone like Janet who has such great experience in the construction and real estate industry, join us.”

Adding a CFO should enable Plano-Coudon to achieve other facets of its strategic growth plan.

Delaney will take over some operational responsibilities within the company, “freeing up Brett and I to focus more on strategic thinking, business development, looking far ahead to keep the pipeline full, and supporting all of our people as they work towards our strategic goals,” Coudon said.

Delaney is expected to both help Plano-Coudon hone its growth strategy and optimize company operations to handle growth.

“We are immediately looking forward,” she said. “I am jumping into forecasting 2017 and beyond.”

At the same time, Delaney will be reviewing company operations to identify opportunities to improve efficiencies. She will also be planning operational changes to meet the needs of a growing company.

“Whether it is technology or business systems or office space, all of these things can pose challenges as a company is preparing to enter its next phase,” Delaney said. “The challenge is how do you handle all those needs while still being a small, nimble company and not adding a lot of overhead costs. It’s important to operate in the most cost-effective ways you can.”

That challenge, Delaney added, is eased by the fact that Plano-Coudon has more sophisticated back-office operations than most construction companies its size.

“We don’t need to start over. We can just improve on what the team has already built,” she said. “This company is primed for growth and I am excited to be part of it. I love construction and I am impressed by the vision and passion Brett and Ryan have for this company.”